SPI Refresher Course

Bluegrass Climbing School American Mountain Guide Association SPI Course and Exam guiding instruction and exam preperation

 Our Single Pitch Instructor Refresher Course is designed for aspiring guides as well as seasoned guides wishing to knock off the rust. Students will refine their guiding skills and techniques in preparation for future examination. 


12 months prior climbing experience

Basic experience in traditional lead climbing

Familiarity with basic climbing systems and techniques

*This course is not affiliated with the the American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor Program, and thus, no certification is offered by taking this course.

Topics Covered Include

  • Client Care
  • Rescue Knots and Friction Hitches
  • Movement Skills
  • Top Site Management
  • Belayed Rappel Systems
  • Client Pick Offs and Rescue Systems
  • Lowering and Hauling Systems
  • Debunking Common Climbing Myths and Lure