Red River Gorge Trad Lead Course

Gain Independence and Take the Lead!
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Beginner Rock Climbing

A perfect course for those looking to get a taste of rock climbing in a fun safe environment while setting solid foundational skills with which to build more advanced climbing skills.

*This course does not require any prior experience.

Topics Covered Include:

  • An intro to proper belaying techniques with a variety of commonly used belay devices.
  • An overview of commonly used knots in rock climbing.
  • Decipher the secret language of climber jargon.
  • Setting outdoor top ropes off bolted anchors.
  • How to navigate climbing areas and guidebooks.
  • Dispelling common climbing myths and rumors.
  • An overview of commonly used climbing equipment.

All necessary climbing equipment will be provided by Bluegrass Climbing School for this course. 


Booking was an online breeze, including one last minute schedule change. Our guide David was a world class teacher right here in Kentucky. An outstanding and challenging time for my children and me alike. We will be back.