Red River Gorge Trad Lead Course

Gain Independence and Take the Lead!
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Anchor Building

(Trad 101) 

Our anchor building course is a hands-on ground school on building bomb-proof anchors. You’ll learn how to place active and passive traditional climbing gear (cams, stoppers, etc.) as well as how to use natural features like trees, rock threads, and horns and how to join various components into a bomb-proof anchor. We’ll focus on simplicity and efficiency without compromising strength or safety.

This is an excellent introduction course for those wishing to transition into leading trad climbs, multi-pitch climbing, or building their own anchors for top-roping.

Prerequisites: None

Topics Covered Include

  • Evaluating Rock Quality
  • Equipment Selection and Properties
  • Placing Quality Active and Passive Protection
  • Building Redundancy into Systems
  • Incorporating Load Sharing into the Anchor
  • Evaluating Fixed Gear such as Bolts and Pitons and In-Situ webbing