Red River Gorge Trad Lead Course

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Self Rescue Essentials 

Have you wondered about how to rescue an injured leader, or what to do when you get a stuck rope? How would you get down if your belayer got knocked out or what to do if you drop your rappel device? In this course you’ll learn skills and techniques to get out of sticky situations ranging from the sport crag to the alpine.

Instructors for this course pull from their wide depth of experience as recreational climbers, AMGA certified instructors, as well as experience from professional Search and Rescue Teams.

You never know when these skills will come in handy so we put an emphasis on improvising with the gear the average climber already carries on their harness.

Prerequisites: None

Topics Covered Include

  • Accident Avoidance and Prevention
  • Rescue Knots and Friction Hitches
  • Escaping the Belay
  • Ascending and Descending Fixed Lines
  • Improvised Rappelling Techniques
  • Lowering and Hauling Systems
  • Debunking Common Climbing Myths and Lure